Guaranteed first aid

An automatic, suitable response to any threat or calamity, wherever you are
The X-Guard concept

The connection between you and the right assistance in case of emergencies. Through our mobile app, we are able to instantly connect you with the assistance you need, be that coming from family members, acquaintances, colleagues, surveillance companies, or national emergency services. Comparable to ordering a taxi through the Über app.

Location determination

Through the use of both GPS and IPS (Indoor Positioning System), X-Guard is capable to calculate your exact location, be that indoors or outdoors. There is no need to install extra hardware for this service to function fully.

The location of the notified Guard(s) will be identified in the same manner.

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Man down

If you’ve activated the “Risk Mode” in the X-Guard app, your phone will automatically call for help in case of calamities.

This way you can be sure to receive the help you need, even when unconscious or when your phone breaks.

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Personal Assistance Alarm

When threatened by aggression or violence, you can easily call for help with an installed alarm button. After receiving a call, our dispatchers will be listening while they send the most suitable help to your location.

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Suitable assistance

X-Guard will connect you to the right assistance in emergency situations, wherever you are. After a call for help has been placed, the most suitable help will be automatically be put into motion. The people in closest proximity to you will be notified on their phones. Simultaneously, the police will be alerted. If there seems to be no motive for the police to be involved, our Guard closest to your location will be notified instead.

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Through automatic real-time and weekly reporting, you’ll always have insight into the optimal functioning of your security.

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