A suitable response

Our Guards are always close
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  • An automatic call for help
  • Alarm button when faced by aggression
  • Adequate location, indoors and outdoors
  • Our Guards are always close
  • Only pay for the time you use
  • Real-time and weekly reporting
When every second counts, it is vital that the right assistance is provided to you. All our caregivers are equipped with the X-Guard app “tracking”, which allows for their exact location to be known whenever required. This way X-Guard will immediately know which Guards are in close proximity to you when you find yourself in an emergency situation.

The entire response to your call is arranged by the X-Guard team. The moment you press any of the alarm buttons, your phone will automatically call us. One of our dispatchers will verify your alarm and set the right assistance into motion. This assistance could come from your colleagues, a professional surveillance company, or national emergency services. The caregiver – your Guard – will receive a notification from the alarm centre. This notification will contain information about the kind of emergency situation, your name, your exact location and optionally a photo of you. This system will make it possible for the right assistance to reach you, quickly.

How it works

If a Guard has installed the “tracing” app from X-Guard, is “available” and is in close proximity to you, thhey will receive a notification. This notification will contain all relevant information such as the type of emergency, your name, your exact location and optionally a photo of you. The Guard will indicate when they are on their way to your location.

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