Personal safety appliance

Never working alone again
Galaxy S10 Plus met alarmknoppen
  • An automatic call for help
  • Alarm button when faced by aggression
  • Adequate location, indoors and outdoors
  • Our Guards are always close
  • Only pay for the time you use
  • Real-time and weekly reporting
Every organization is required to carry out a risk inventory and evaluation. X-Guard meets most requirements that will surface out of a risk inventory and evaluation for people working alone.

A feeling of security is of utmost importance for every member of an organization. To secure the safety of you and your colleagues as much as possible, risk inventories and evaluations are to be carried out and a plan of action has to be put together. In this plan it could be stated that you should be able to call for help when in your own work space as well as when on the road. In the health and safety catalogue in which employers and employees state how they will meet the health and safety standards as set by the government, all requirements stated are met by the X-Guard app.

X-Guard for the employee
  • Never alone when on the road again; assistance is always close
  • Connected to your schedule and immediate contact with emergency services when necessary
  • No need to call in home visits
  • You can be reached everywhere, always
  • Incidents will be automatically reported
X-Guard for the organization
  • The organization will automatically make a risk-addresses inventory
  • Your employees can be reached at all times
  • X-Guard will automatically call for help in case of calamities
  • An installed alarm button can be used when faced with aggression or violence
  • Automatic reporting of incidents
  • "SUEZ has chosen for X-Guard for the third time in a row. X-Guard offers a complete package to ensure our employees are protected during work." Customer testimonial Ralph Kerkhoff, SUEZ
  • "MCB The Netherlands has long been searching for a solution to protect those employees that work by themselves." Customer testimonial Johan Groenen, MCB
  • "After Forbo Flooring, Forbo Eurocool, too, has chosen to equip their employees with the X-Guard solution." Customer testimonial Engel Zonneveld, Forbo Eurocol
  • "Mondriaan heeft voor de beveiliging van zijn alleen werkende medewerkers voor X-Guard gekozen. Zij beheersen het totale proces van druk op de knop tot en met de opvolging en de bewaking van het proces en zijn onderdelen. En meest belangrijk, zij luisteren naar hun klanten en de behoeftes." Customer testimonial Harry Janssen, Mondriaan


With X-Guard, you pay only for what you get. Prices start as low as €0,09 per hour. Use our bundle calculator for a quick and effortless indication of your X-Guard expenses.

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