Bundle calculator

Always pay only for what you use
Bundle calculator
X-Guard aims to provide protection to everybody in the Netherlands, as inexpensively as possible. Complete protection is possible from €0,09 per hour!

You will pay for your security in advance by purchasing hourly bundles. This way you can be sure you will only pay for what you’ll actually use. At the moment we are developing an online calculator to conveniently calculate what your expenses for complete X-Guard protection would be.

For now we advise contacting us by phone to get a personal price indication.

Bundle calculator
Use this convenient bundle calculator to calculate your price

With this calculator a first indication of your monthly bundle price can be made

Select the estimated amount of people you wish to secure
Choose the average amount of hours per week these people are to be secured

Amount of hours: 9.534 per month

Boven de 44 uur bieden wij u een 'onbeperkt 24/7' bundel. Deze bundel is flat fee en geldt per gebruiker.
Wij bieden onze bundels aan vanaf 16 uur per week.

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