Real-time and weekly reporting
  • An automatic call for help
  • Alarm button when faced by aggression
  • Adequate location, indoors and outdoors
  • Our Guards are always close
  • Only pay for the time you use
  • Real-time and weekly reporting
You’ve invested in a system to protect you. It is of utmost importance that this system functions correctly. Thanks to our adequate reporting you have insight into real-time reporting, while also being able to see how the X-Guard app has been working or has been used previously.

The power of reporting is not in sending data, it is in sending information. Through our personally-developed software, X-Guard is capable of displaying if the product you purchased has been functioning appropriately. The most important thing is, of course, that you have always had access to Guards through our app, and that said Guards have always had access to your exact location.

X-Guards delivers all these reports to demonstrate the reliability of our system.

How it works

Next to live reports we also send the following weekly reports through email:

  • The amount of hours you have been protected in the past week
  • An overview of the times you’ve (de-)activated the app or have activated the risk mode.

Live reports:

During every alarm you can watch live while the emergency services are set into motion. After calling off the alarm this overview will also be sent to you through email.

It is at all times possible to check if you are protected.

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